Punting certain topics

Thanks, you’re right about the formulas, I also meant Interest rate caps, floors and collars, and the Effective Annual Rate for options, it’s too much :confused:

Guys, it’s really easy to switch from BGN to END mode.


  1. Press 2ND and then press PMT
  2. Press 2ND and then press ENTER (which sets it to END)


4 keystrokes, now that isn’t hard is it?

I also think there is a good chance that Macro and Micro performance evaluation will get tested, most probably with one of those attribution tables and asking you to interpret it.

  • Macro - You’ll be shown a table with: Asset category, Start value, End value, Net CF, Actual return and Index return
  • Micro - Sector, Portfolio weight, Sector BM weight, Portfolio return, Sector BM return, Pure Sector, Within Sector, Allocation/ Selection and Total value-added

Apart from that, Annuities and Life Insurance along with Net Payment Cost Index & Net Surrender Cost Index are all new materials added this year, so it’s fair game for CFA to test us on this whether in the morning paper or as an item set.

Personally, I think they’d throw the concepts involving annuities and life insurance as part of Individual IPS problem. Then those FVs and PMT calcs might come in the afternoon. #My2cents #Mightnothappen #Withapinchofsalt

the problem is that the exam is graded on a curve and “everyone” will get the easy questions right… if you think of the normal distribution… most candidates are scoring between 50-70%… point is that the get into PASS you need to get some of the hard questions right

I gotta upvote this comment.

This is why an average of 60-70 on mocks does not necessarily translate into a 60-70 on the actual exam. It’s relative and you can be assured most people who put in their hours will get their “easy” points as easy as anyone else.

Having said that, work hard, stay focused, do your best, and the rest will fall into place. 3 days away from achieving the gold standard in the investment profession!

i failed last year band 9 and it was very close… i was prepared but committed some dumb mistakes and was nervous… poor executon… thing is I was surprised by my matrix getting >70% in multiple topics… its very possible that the final scores include a lot of adjustments (removing questions that are deemed unfair/ giving credit for 2/3 multiple choice answers)…

if you are score 55% + on mocks i believe you have a chance

Net cost and surrender cost index. Too late for me to learn these, but I feel like there will be at least one question about this on the test (hopefully in the multiple choice). Sucks there were no EOC questions, and only one topic test regarding this subject.

They have a Supplement up under candidate Resources.


  1. It takes about 15 minutes to learn those step by step.

  2. Not correct. There were EOCs under your Candidate’s resources on CFAI portal. These EOCs has one question with Net payment Cost Index calculation

  3. This is 10th time during last 30 days that we are talking about point 2 above








You can thank me later. And yes, i am a member of the NRA :slight_smile:

what is this an acronym for?

edit: never mind - found it on page 1. Not bad way to memorize Macro Attribution. I have a feeling any question we get is going to be on much more than just the order of it though.

I think you shouldn’t memorize so much nor use Mnemonic. You are led in many questions and even they say a word more to help you. You should interpret, understand and apply.

Much of the exam in a nutshell right here.

After going back through AM exams and underlining sentences after reviewing the answers, it’s almost comical how much information they give you that relates to an answer.

Same. My biggest concern is time management and panic about that and if I would have enough time to read carefully before start answering.

Pretty much the same feelings here Flashback. It’s probably a common feeling for most all of us. We’ve done the work. We just need to stay calm and give it the best we can on Saturday. Good luck to you dude. I’m rooting for us all (but me mostly).

Thanks. Let’s say it is just another Mock to solve (a kind of mental accounting and hindsight bias).:slight_smile:

Hate to say this, but I’m ‘half’ punting GIPS. Meaning, I know the basics (e.g. what must appear vs. recommendations), but the nuances of choosing out what words were omitted from a presentations where the firm claims GIPS compliance? Not wasting my time for those points.

Whoever said they were punting the insurance cost calcs is possibly missing out on some points. They were on their AM mock.

I punted all that covariance matrix crap from capital market expectations. If its on their then fine because I know 7 our 10 of us would get it wrong. Wont damage me much.

Yeah yeah. You guys talked me in to spending some time practicing these tomorrow. Jerks! :wink: