Punting Portfolio Mgmt?

Hey All,

Wondering if anyone strategically punts topics to save time. I haven’t done any mocks yet, but in general I’m a pretty slow test taker. For L1 I punted derivatives and AI (only 9%) and passed with >70% on all other topics. Speed was an issue for me then as I just managed to finish at the buzzer… even with the time conserved from those two topics. For L2, I’ve finished reading all the sections except for AI (just started), Portfolio Mgmt, and Ethics. I figure that the combination of being a slow test-taker and pressed for time to finish up the curriculum makes punting Port Mgmt a sound and reasonable strategy.

Benefits: 1) With the study-time saved, I’d be able to finish up reading the remaining sections and still have a few weeks for review/mocks and hopefully master 9 out of 10 topics

  1. With the exam-time saved, I’d be in a better position to ace the other topics

I mean, even if I put the time into PM, being the slow test-taker I am, I probably would have to go kamikaze-mode and guess a full section anyway… why not dedicate a section to it? PM is just 5-10% at the end of the day. Any thoughts on this strategy of giving up 10% to secure 90%?

L3 PM builds on the foundations of L1 PM and L2 PM. It is therefore not advisable to punt PM topics.

Above all, u will score on average 33% in PM if you punt PM. Or u can just do that extra effort to bring this score to 50-66%. Focus only on the basic concepts.