Purchase books or ebook?


Is it better to purchase books (pay extra $150) or use e-books?

I bought the books for L1, never used them, went for ebooks for L2.

If you plan to read the curriculum I would suggest the printed books.

Did e-books for level 1 and 2, but for level 3 I took the printed books, which were nice, and much easier to organize.

Personally I prefer not to read on a tablet/computer. If you for instance live outside US be aware that you will be charged additionally for import tax, so its not only USD 150 extra.

Best of luck.

I used e-books only since L1 and passed all by first attempt.

I prefer paper based reference…

If you do not mind staring at your electric device for a heck of long time then e-books.

ebook no question

I read on my commute(on my phone/tablet), so it’s ebooks for me. I don’t think I would go carrying around 5 kg bricks.

ebook. It is more convenient and portable.

It’s very much a personal choice. I like to highlight, write notes in margins, and sticky note pages for follow up reviews. I also always studied at the same place every day (the desk in my home office) so I opted for the print books. Finally, I do prefer to read off printed books rather than a screen. Identify how you prefer to study and choose accordingly.

Got printed books from L1 to L3. Much preferred for me rather than ebook…

I would do what you did for level 1 and 2 as it seemed to work.

I personally prefer printed books and never really used the ebooks.

If you wanna use the CFAI books as the main source for studying, then purchase the printed version much better.

^ printed version is extremely practically if you used to study on various places daily as the work place, home, hotel rooms on business trips etc.

I remember the time books used to be part of the registration package and now they are charging $150 for books (excluding shipping i think). Ridiculous.

I got both.

I preferred the printed books…, but used the ebook casually.

So far I’ve used ebooks on Kindle; its a huge hustle to get them from VitalSource to Kindle, but its worth it.

Both. For long sessions ina quiet room the books are best. Often time I found myself thinking fo something in some random place, like on a train, where I could not remember a formula and didnt have my books. This is where the ebooks are useful. You have the material on you at all times.