Purchasing QBank question

When you order a Schweser package (textbooks & practice exams) that contains QBank, do you get access to the software immediately? If I place my order right now, can I be reviewing questions minutes later, or do I have to wait for the full shipment to be sent to my house? Thanks

you have the option of an immediate download from schweser.com which should give you immediate access, and also is about 25$ cheaper. This is a full installable version, only you are installing it from a download instead of from a CD that they send to you. In addition, you also have access to it at schweser.com over the web, (but this does slow down considerably closer to the exam, when there are a lot of hits to the website).

Thanks for the reply, CP. In regards to accessing the QBank online when the site is slow near test day, I could always print the questions and solutions, right?

with the above approach - you have two modes of access to QBank. 1. On your home laptop/computer - which does not require the schweser site. 2. On the web anywhere – which is thro’ the Schweser website. the only downside is that statistics between the two usages on the net and on your home computer may not be the same – so you might end up seeing the same question (provided you have done the topic before) in the two places.