This certainly isn’t the best forum to gain opinions on rappers but I’m certain this will resonate with at least a few of you (perhaps only 1 now since Stormy is gone). Pusha-T is one of the most underrated rappers out there. Listen to so appauled, tick-tock, amen, trouble on my mind, Mercy, New God Flow, what dreams are made of, changing of the guards, and the list can go on. Thoughts?

Can you hook us up with a youtube playlist?

I will listen when time permits.

You want me to get you coffee too? Jk but you can find plenty of pre-built playlists on 8tracks or grooveshark

He’s all right. I don’t sit around waiting for his stuff to come out. I like that song w/ kanye on the hook “mill miliions in the ceilin’”

I like curren$y, kanye, jayz, wiz, kendrick lamar,

some jams I been on lately:






some good stuff. Even though Rick Ross’s art(?) sounds all alike, it does put me in the mental state of amped.

His new music has been gayed up by his association by weak ass pastel wearing frauds like kanye and rick ross. It’s a disgrace, The lord willin’ and hell hath no fury were straight FIRE and his work with the re-up gang was sick too. As for his latest music, he demonstrates talent but I don’t find it compelling at all.

that kanye jayz rick ross and drake shit can fall of the face of the planet and i would be a happier man.

Alone in Vegas and some of his ol tracks are hot.

I like some of the Dom stuff I’ve heard - that my kind of party bangs.

Check out Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z ‘bitch don’t kill my vibe remix’ if you haven’t already.

I’ve also been bumping some Kid Ink lately (Full Speed), and also this shit if you’re into some wild ass SOCA type stuff:


Good track list there by the way MMP.


Moremoney - how did you paste in the vids like that?

[yt] paste youtube url inside here [/yt]

Kendrick Lamar’s album is the only non-Jay-z or Kanye hip-hop album I’ve liked in a while. He and Kanye will be at Governor’s Ball in June.

Another honorable mention is Big K.R.I.T.

below is a safe site to stream from… you can see a list of big K.R.I.T. stuff. Under that is a good Dom Kennedy album to check out.



EDIT: As for Rick Ross, he’s definitely fake as all hell. If you can get by that and just enjoy the music, he’s not bad. He’s kinda like the WWF of rap… is it real? obviously not.


^I’ve heard this come up a lot. I like Kendrick’s Cartoons & Ceral



One of the most legendary tracks, IMO. Oldie but always deserve some props. Ill flow the whole track.

Big L killed it, it’s sad that we don’t have rappers like that anymore, just a bunch of tight jean wearing pop cats.


So old, but so good.