pushing back to december?

Hi guys- I was signed up for the June exam, am currently about half way through FSA, doing okay, but not great. I don’t have an undergraduate degree in anything finance related. I’m thinking about pushing back to the December exam date and not killing myself trying to learn everything from scratch in 6 months. Any thoughts? Thanks

Dude just give er a go. Do you best and go write the exam, if you fail no big deal, it’s like a pratice run and well, you’ve already paid for it right! Then you just go and do it again in December, no shame. I think you’ll do fine if you on FSA and will probably surprise yourself and pass. I didn’t start studying for L1 until about 80-90 days away (which is where we are today) and I’m writing L III in June so what does that tell ya?

It’s March…just keep studying.

Remember, there is no refund.

Don’t do what I did… I felt same way around this time before the exam, then cut down on amount of studying more and more, then finally stopped studying altogether 3 weeks before the exam! I almost passed, only if I pushed just a little bit!

Yeh I’m starting to feel the same way as well. Just want to walk away from this given the amount of wrok still ahead…Let’s hang in there guys.