Putin - crazy or crazy smart

I was going to post something about this and forgot, but then saw the biggest BSD thread which reminded me.

Putin. Dude is a bad ass and he is walking over Obama and everybody else in the middle east right now. Springs up a base in Syria essentially overnight, puts warships in the Mediterranean, and starts bombing the US supported rebels. First offensive action (I think) in modern Russia. Obama apolagizes for a US bomb hitting a hospital while telling Russia they shouldn’t do what they’re doing.


you forgot, plays hockey with retired NHL all-stars like a boss.


Putin is not walking over Obama, Putin simply has more relevant strategic interests in Syria, while US interests are highly unclear and Obama’s hesitation reflects that.

Don’t think this is true. Ukraine (don’t think anyone is denying it now), Georgia, Chechnya, etc. They are slowly encroaching on their old soviet bloc territories but nobody cares enough to draw a line. Putin knows this.

He went from Prime Minister to Fuhrer4Lyfe.

He knows exactly what he’s doing, dude is definitely crazy crazy smart.

I read a few articles yesterday. Russia has a naval base in Tartus. They would lose it if they don’t intervene.

US path to Presidency = work in office for a while, be popular on Facebook. Russian path = not sure I want to know.

I think at some point, Putin realized that he can pretty much do anything he wants…

Putin is definitely intelligent. But his decisions might not always appear intelligent, because he has different goals. For example he clearly doesn’t give a crap about his stock market or currency, he’ll sacrifice it all to win a dick measuring contest with Obama, or a longer-term strategic win.

Putin is 5’7". Obama is 6’1". Obama is also black. i hardly think Putin can win.

^ The size of the dog in the fight doesn’t matter; it’s the size of fight in the dog.

Comrade Putin sure has many stupid fanboys in the US, it’s pathetic - primarily cause he was riding shirtless on a horse and was piloting a MiG or some other of his media stunts. Has he done anything meaningful to improve the standard of living for russians, or anything else positive domestically, other than feeding the hungry russians their ego that they are returning back to “superpower” status internationally while their economy is treading water and the country’s assets are usurped by oligarchs? F that stupid commie.

except when the contest is an actual measurement.

Canada sucks.