Putting CFA on Resume

I just passed the level 1 CFA , was wondering whether to put “Pass CFA Level 1” on resume or when I register for CFA level 2 , I should write " CFA Level II Candidate"

Or should I write both? Which would be best to add some type of leverage on resume? Thanks.

The correct way to do it, once you register for the 2018 exam, would be “2018 Level II Candidate For The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Exam”

When in doubt, always check the Ethics text in your books I think. As I’m sure you know by now they have dozens of examples in Standard VII:B that go into (obnoxious) granularity about what is/is not a proper reference of candidacy/participation in the program.


If you haven’t registered to the next exam, you should only write “Passed CFA level 1 exam” something like that

As far as adding leverage to a resume Passed Level I = Level 2 Candidate. A Level 2 Candidate is the same thing as someone who passed level 1 but has enough money to register for the second exam. Essentially meaningless.

As far as how you should dictate it on your resume. Since you passed level 1 for now put “Passed CFA Level I”, once you register and pay for level 2 you can put “CFA Level 2 Candidate” if you wish.

Also the willing, commitment and capability :wink:

lol, no