putting it in perspective!

Having covered the Cfa curriculum books, now working my way through Schweser, I thought I needed a little perspective. As a break from the recent tedious note taking, I decided it was time for a mock style 3 hour test. Ouch! I still have a lot more work to do. I came in around 50%, which is so far away from target to be pointless, I realise we have time remaining to study. Some of the questions were not that difficult, but I let myself down by poorly processing the information given in the vignette. What I did learn, is that, no only do you need to know the material,you need to grasp the style of the exam. back to the books for me now!

was this CFAI mock, or a portion of Schweser? There’s plenty of time to go, every now and then I review the vingettes in CFAI texts for a true perspective, it helps!

Ethically, all I can say it was not Schweser.

Ok, thats a bit comforting to know since Schweser is a bit more technical than the CFAI style

Sorry Northeastern student, not quite sure I follow. I will get round to my schweser exam books, but technical would only add complication to me, some of the questions on the other test were fairly intuitive,dare I say it, but I actually looked too hard at them, when they only required a relatively simplistic logical answer.

I mean the Schweser exams tend to pick questions that are very specific and calculation heavy i.e. Calc Adjusted R^2, where CFAI questions might ask “what is the benefit of using adjusted r^2” or what might happen to R^2 when we add additional variables. Sorry if i can’t be clearer, I guess its an individual perspective thing.

Thanks, for the explanation that seems to make sense.