Putting the baby factory to rest

So I mentioned on another thread that I want to get a vasectomy. I’ve had all the kids I want or need.

Any guys on here have experiences that they want to share? Is it painful? How do you recover? Is sex feel different after?

there’s a thread on this somewhere.

Your wife tired of taking birth control?

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Will do.

Then I’m interested in making sure she keeps her figure. Another reason to shut down the factory.

Ah, that thread. I chickened out and never had my sack deep fried. The smell story was just too much. Wifey still forgets to take her pills from time to time. I’d still jump to my death if #3 ever comes.

Really people. It took this long for me to come around and say it!?

Hacksaw Greenie, Hacksaw! Make the AF Brethren proud.

Speaking of the weilder of the hacksaw, where has Itera been? Sure I take cheap shots at him from time to time, but it’s all in good fun. I hope I didn’t run him out.

Are they reversible? If not, I would be scared to make such permanent decision…

I’m on top of that boss!


Hacking the swimmers eh? I don’t know. too permanent for me. At the very least, freeze a bunch of your best swimmers