Has anyone worked in their advisory section in toronto area? How is the comp like for a senior associate? Also, how fast are the promotions like. thx

Hey economist, sorry to jump on board your thread, but do you currently work in advisory for one of the big 4 or have any advisory experience? I am currently living in Australia but coming back home to Toronto in less than a year and am contemplating getting into advisory and had some questions. thanks

Sorry to jump on this thread as well… I currently work big 4 toronto and want to know why you are leaving Australia for here lol?

Sorry to jump on this thread as well… the girls are better in aus, but marginally

haha man, Im going back to rio screw aus!

I am living here with my fiance for the year. She is doing her masters in HR and I am working and studying for Level 2. Which part of advisory do you work in? How are the hours? I am going to finish a few courses I need so I can do the CA as well. Does the experience in advisory count towards your CA work requirements or do you have to do auditing? Also, do most people have their CA/CFA? Thanks