Pyramid Scheme?

So I met this Australian lady (sorry no pics and she was older than a MILF) this one time and she telling me about this company she has started along with another founder in the US and they were planning to open in India as well. Its in the travel industry. So I said I can help you if you need any assistance and got her email address and mail her the following week asking some business related questions like whats the customer base, strategy, competitive services etc. No email then for 4 months and then this suddenly: Does this sound like a pyramid scheme or what? and was she on something when she wrote this? Hi (name), I am came across yr email and I am so sorry I have not given some further information. You can have fun, make money and make a difference to people’s lives. We should all love what we do and do what we love! We all should make money, money is required to live in this current world, and without making money, there is no business! And, as I find most Indian are, salt of the earth…if they are not making a difference then their souls are not nourished and fulfilled…as I say to people in Australia and other parts of the world, if yr not making a difference … you are selfish! The opportunity in India is wide open. After reading your email I see that it would be beneficial for you to think along the lines of being the leader to help open up the market in your country. We are always looking for leaders who share the vision for what we are doing. Some of the ways this can help people in India are: · Give opportunity to have great travel prices · Enable those in your country to earn when they travel · For those who want to do so (possibly yourself?) build a personal business by building a network in (company name) and earn a substantial residual income. You could work in my team to help open up the market in India and develop a growing network marketing business with (company name). If this is something you would like to explore further, lets get on the phone or on a webinar with (name), the CEO of (company name) I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you so much kindest regs Shady?

sparty419 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Does this sound like a pyramid scheme or what? and > was she on something when she wrote this? when she starts trying to tap into your friend network, its a pyramid scheme. she was drinking kool-aid

Yea…just checked the website…definitely looks like one…using all those points of achieving dreams and promising utopian lives ala quixtar/amway…have many sad stories of friends joining quixtar and regretting it to the fullest…

Your friend network should be better reserved for some real business opportunity. I believe in not using personal network when the business is not yours, that’s one of the most precious asset you have, you shouldn’t be drinking kool-aid and depreciating it on things like this!

Yea man…I just find it funny people fall for this kind of scam even now…if I am bored, i’ll hit her up and have a little fun (not that sort of way obviously)

^ Makes sense, she’s drinking the Kool-Aid anyway!

Maybe it’s not a pyramid, but then she’s on crack. Since she’s past milf material, so that there is no advantage to be taken in any way, just gtfo.

I need to start a pyramid scheme.

Dude…join Quixstar…I believe you will get rich withing months