Q bank 2007 or 2008???

I think I have got schweser qbank of 2007 coz it seems to contain many topics which are nowhere in 2008 LOS. Eg: Operating leverage in FSA. I did not see this topic anywhere in the LOS. So Does it make a difference? Or should I hunt for 2008 Q bank now?

I don’t this it’s possible to have anything put the current qbank. Operating leverage is part of the current curriculum.

“Operating leverage is part of the current curriculum.” Which LOS?

there is a list of LOS in your textbook as well as on the CFA website http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/courseofstudy/los.html there is also an index at the end of each of the 6 CFAI books i don’t mean to b**ch - but don’t expect anyone to track down LOS to help you match up an old warez version to the new curriculum

Hey shooter, Your point taken that there is small para on OL in CFAI material but again it is not mentioned in LOS (not even in the PDF in the link you mentioend). Also i only referred to Schweser which has no mention of OL at all. But anyways thats not the point i wanted to ask. That was jus an example. I am sure that Q bank i have got is of 2007 (i bought the link from someone) so i wanted to a suggestion if that is fine or shud i go for 2008 one.

I think that the degree of operation leverage (DOL) was in the previous material (corp fin may be )