Q-Bank difficulty and scores heading into the exam

Hi guys,

Sorry if this is repetitive, but I saw a post from someone saying Q-Bank wasn’t anywhere near as tough as the exam and that after failing L2 first time, they switched to UpperMark. This has legit got me worried!

I am only using Schweser and although there are some old posts on the strengths of Q-Bank and it’s comparability to the exam, I can’t seem to find much recent information.

I was wondering if others could please share their experiences / views in terms of how tough Q-Bank is versus the real thing, how different the exam Qs are versus Q-Bank and also how they were tracking on Q-Bank heading into the exam?

Thanks a lot


I bought both Schweser and UpperMark packages and after going through each Qbanks, I think UP’s is much harder than Schweser. The real exam’s difficulty is kinda between Schweser and UpperMark.

thanks Jason. Can you remember what scores you were getting on Schweser Q-Bank quizzes leading into the exam?

UM is much closer to exam day difficulty.

The Schweser practice exams are more difficult than the q bank so imagine they are closer to the real exam too. I wouldn’t let it stress you out, use the q bank to find weak areas rather than to grade yourself

I couldn’t remember exactly, but I did better for Schwser than UP

ok, thanks again

im sitting at about 54%…not easy at all.

I fail at everything right now - but I did that before the CFA exams as well. A month before everything just sucks, and then it slowly gets better and better. Hopefully to the point, where you will be able to pass at exam day.

Everything is read - notes are completed - now it’s just crunching exercises - everyday after work and all weekends. It’ll be alright.

Ps.that bitcoin article - that was really bad from an investor POV. Just a brief technical description I wonder how much they will use it?

use the workbook and you will pass

not sure. I am pretty worried about the CIT articles, praying for one heavily math-based question in the written to hopefully boost my score.

I am doing Q-Bank 50-question, all subject practice sets, and it says that for every section i am a LONG LONG way below peers. scary. fingers crossed it starts all coming together now. 4 weeks out for me…

I am also using Kaplan… practice test and Mock exams have been significantly harder than all topic questions that I’ve created from the Qbank. My Scores on those initial exams were extremely discouraging, Took them a second time, they got better but still not where I would like them to be…just need to keep plugging away. Just under a week to go. Good luck

Im at 80%+ in the UpperMark multi-choice questions but still down at 45% if I’m lucky on ethics, CIT and essay questions. Things like: name the 4 qualitative benefits of PE secondaries

and my mind goes BLANK

Yep I’m struggling on the essays too. but if we get 100% on the MCQs we’re fine right…