Q-Bank for Level 3

Hi Everybody, I tried searching this topic, but I couldnt find it. For levels 1 and 2, I thought Q-bank from schweser was extremely helpful in nailing down concepts. Since only 1/2 the questions are multiple choice, is it worth the time/money to get the q-bank? Thanks, Jonathan

For me, the q-bank was helpful to answer about 800 questions or so to get a general idea where my strengths and weaknesses were. I think this is something you should concentrate on in April. By the time you get finished with that (what I mean is, you get a good idea of where your strengths are, not answering every single question which I do not recommend), then move on to the CFA sample exams, Schweser sample exams etc. The level of difficulty for q-bank is so-so, but it is just a warm-up like it is for the other levels. I think it is worth the time and if it proved fruitful for you last time around, go ahead and get it. If you pass, you will not care one iota about the cost. It is well worth it.