Q-Bank for Level II

Do people think the Q-Bank for Level II is as helpful as it was for Level I? I pretty much relied on Q-Bank and Mocks to prep for Level I as most of it was review for me. However, I am a little concerned at how easy Level II Q-Bank is coming to me as I expected to need more serious review on this exam.

I know the test format is different from most of the Q-Bank questions but those who have either taken Level II once before or the mocks think that they are a good indication of the difficulty of the live/mock exams? I thought it was great for Level I but I am starting to think my strategy may not be as succesful for Level II.

I don’t know, but I’d do the EOC’s before Qbank if you’re worried about that.

I think its very useful to drive home some of the main concepts, and practice the formulas. I use it between the EOC problems, like when I am struggling in a section I’ll bang out 30-90 Qbanks to get a better handle on the concepts before trying the harder CFAI EOCs.

The general whats a good score in scswer q bank.

I am scoring 70% vs 80% in L1 sad

Which Qbank do you recommend? I’m about to buy one