Q-bank problem

I have been having a problem with my q-bank. Once I finish the last question of the quiz I click “grade this exam” and it gives me the solution to the question and says whether I got it right or wrong, then I click the forward arrow and it brings me back to the first question instead of giving me a summary of my results. Also, I can’t skip to questions, it just brings me to the solution of the question I am on. The reason this is bothering me is becasue when I click test management it still is saying that I have not completed these quizzes and I am worried that as I go along it will give me questions that I have already seen. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks

This is a problem I have seen with my L1 QBank. If you have selected “Score as you Go”, when you reach the last question --> it does what you have stated above. You continue to click on the Next (or Continue) button --> then it takes you to the final summary page. Hope this helps you. CP

thanks i am going to try it now