Q-Bank thats it

Is it possible to only by a Q-Bank from Schweser?? How is Stalla Q-bank??

Stalla’s product is called Passmaster. I have not used it but I believe QBANK is more calculation heavy.

Yep you can just buy the Q bank from schweser!

By Q-Bank you mean the Scheweser CD…right?

The Q-Bank is the question & answer software that Schweser puts out. It’s 4,000 questions and you can customize how they are asked to you. It is the best money you could ever spend. Even if you are only using the CFAI books I would highly recommend the Q-Bank. http://www.schweser.com/cfa/cfa1.php

^ I agree with Chuckrox8, but make sure you get the Q-Bank you can access online anywhere, as opposed to just the CD which you’ll only be able to access on your home computer (or whichever computer you decide to download it on).

you can buy QBANK elsewhere…

It’s called SchweserPro if you just want to buy it individually. I think it’s $300USD or that plus an extra $25 for the CD.

Q Bank is nice, but don’t get caught up in it. There’s not as much number crunching on the exam as you think. It’s more going to test you on cause and effect relationships, not number crunching. You’ll be in big trouble if you focus only on that.

Q bank has mostly easy questions in it - great to check your knowledge but remember to do mock/sample exams and I really recommend getting the Schweser book 1 and 2 of exams - they each have 3 morning and afternoon papers! good luck