Q-Bank vs 6 Practice Exams... What is better?

So I’m scared and broke, so I need the most representative product of the final exam that I can buy on it’s own…

I passed my L1 by doing as many mocks as I could, and I did not use QBank from Schweser for that one. For L2, aside from doing EOC, CFAI Sample exams, and CFAI mock, I want one more option to review the material.

As I see it, the practice exams are good because they give me a good feel of the exam, but I heard that you can tailor the Qbank to only give you hard vignettes.

If you had to choose only one (and it doesn’t have to be Schweser qbank), which format would you choose?

Thanks for the imput!

I have Schweser for LII but I have shifted from it as did not find it value adding. it was very helpful in LI but in LII i am disappointed…

Skip Qbank entirely, but do the Schweser practice exams (at least vol. I, and perhaps vol 2) and the Schweser mock (the $49 one). Try to get a hold of some prior CFA mocks (if you can find them). They’re a real help too.

I’m a big fan of QBank for instant feedback. Getting the answer after each question and seeing where I went wrong is much more useful to me. I must confess I don’t both at all with timed exercises, I’ve never had a problem with too little time in exams, so i don’t like the mocks as much. If you love mocks look at what CFA provides, they have some feel materail as well as a mock you have to pay for.

Shouldn’t the CFA EOC plus some third party mock exams be enough?