Q-Bank Vs Book 6 test

Anyone who has done book 6 test and also done Schweser Q-Bank test (online version) are they comparable? I’m scoring around 62% on online version. Referring to lola’s question for mcpass, scoring anywhere around mid 60s in book 6 is a comfortable score…

Is Schweser Q-Bank test available on the CFA org website? But it is not free, right?

No. Qbank is not free. It is available through Schweser’s website. I was going to post a question similar to this. I’ve seen everyone talking about how important it is to take the book 6 exams. Is this because it simulates the real test taking experience or because the questions are better quality than the qbank? The reason I ask is I only have the CFAI books, Qbank, and Secret Sauce for my studies. Do you think simulating a 240 questin test on Qbank would have a similar effect as book 6? I’ve already done 3 CFAI practice exams. Do you think I should order book 6 from Schweser(if you can separately) or order a Schweser practice exam as well? Thanks in advance.

I think the Book 6 exams are tougher and more realistic. I’ve found the Q Bank a bit easier than Book 6 in general. Anyone else have thoughts?

Any other thoughts on this? Should I be looking at other sources like the BSAS or just stick with qbank? I’m getting stressed as we get closer! Thanks.

My 2 pen’orth: Take qbank tests then buy a couple of CFAI exams. Cheaper and more realistic than Book 6 or 7.

I only did Book 7 and Q-Bank so far, and I have no idea how I did because not many people seem to be doing book 7. 3 weeks ago: 1am: 67% 1pm: 70% 2am: 68% 2 weeks ago: BSAS am: 75% BSAS pm: 72% 1 week ago: 2pm: 78% I’ve gone into overtime on all of Book 7 though. I’ve heard the questions from that book are ridiculous, but wanted to see for myself. They are ridiculous, it’s official. Doing Q-Bank I get 88-92% consistently on all sections, so those ones are more like Q-cards, they don’t seem to be particularly challenging (sometimes they point to something I completely forget, something very simple, so it’s annoying but useful). If you feel you still have time (to receive the book) I would order Book 6. Q-Bank doesn’t seem very challenging, so it might give you false hopes? I will start on Book 6 tonight. I’m really curious how that goes. I still don’t feel too comfortable, but hey, another 2 weeks…