Q-bank vs CFAI

I have viewed 792 questions so far marking 74% overall but wondering how is the level different from the CFAI mock exams. Of course, I extract problems from all three level of difficulties (easy, medium, advance). I simply want to compare where I’m standing to how others are doing since people usually post their scores from CFAI exams. All in all, which one is harder?

Based on the posts on this site, the consensus is that the CFAI sample/mock questions are most similar to what you will see on test day. In fact, many people have posted saying that many questions were word for word the same. CFAI sample/mock questions (as well as the CFAI questions you will get on test day) are more theory based with less calculations (although you will have to do some calculations). 3 sample exams (60 questions x 3 exams) = 180 questions 2 mock exams (120 questions x 2 exams) = 240 questions That’s a total of 420 questions. I am guessing that practicing 420 questions is probably enough to pass, especially when those questions are most similar to the questions you will see on test day.