Sorry to keep on bugging with this… but $350 is not a small amount… I am on the Schweser website and about to purchase the q-bank… Just to have conscience clear… 1. Is it really worth it? (I know… stupid question, just skip…) 2. In order to avoid possible issues with online login, I am planning to purchase the CD and install it (pros/cons) 3. If you purchase the online login version, can you share with someone else? (hopefully Schweser is not reading this…) Thx,


  1. if you learn by doing questions 2. pro - you don’t need online access, con - you have to install it and use it on one computer, you can’t just use it anywhere. I use my opera mini on my phone to do questions whilst I’m travelling/playing cricket. 3. You know the answer to this one.

I hope this is for the June 09 Exam.

Okay guys, just disregard this post… it was in fact stupid… Just frustrated to keep on dumping $$$ in this thing instead of my kids college funds… Pinkman… don’t worry me! Why are you saying this?! I went through all CFA end of chapters questions and all of Schweser’s study notes questions. I just need more stuff to drill on weak areas (pretty much all areas…)

I did the essential solution thing ($579), but I only really wanted the study notes and Q bank - all the practice exams/DIY LOS cards etc aren’t going to get much use, but to purchase them separately was $100 more. I’ll do maybe 1 or 2 exams and hammer out the CFA institute ones - doing lvl 1 in december, there was a high level of “coincidences” where questions came up on the day that were almost identical to ones in the practice exams.

If you need more questions I’d buy a Schweser Exam or the CFAI Exam. I’d say Schweser Pro wouldn’t be a good buy as the question are more concept checkers to be used to coincide with studying. Being its already mid-May I’d advise against buying it.

Yep, at this point I’d just do the CFAI exams as chrismaths mentioned.

chrismaths… yes, cfa online exam are worth it. There was also kind of the same stuff on the real thing. First good news of the day for me… called Schweser and were able to get the Q-Bank as a ‘add-on’ to my study notes for ‘only’ $180 instead of $350. that’s a saving of $170 that will either be split between my two girls college fund or in a blue label bottle after the exam.