Q bank

hey i got a couple questions about Q bank. i want to buy it asap. from what i understand about the download i can install it at two locations. 1) does it mean if one of my tym computers crashes, i cant install it in a third? 2) i can cost split with a friend and install it on each of our computers? can someone who’s used q bank help out?

You’ll get a key. From what I understand only one installation is possible. But, I didn’t even install the download and am constantly using the web version, 'cause that one works on my E71 when I sit through boring meetings…

You can get a online version with one dowoload, or a CD version. The online will mean you can log on on to the program on any computer, you just have to have interenet connected. You will be able to download this onto one computer however (will require internet connection for when you download this). The CD version will allow you to download the program onto two computers. I would read the licensing section though as it does not allow you to share the program iwht other users…

regarding the online version , does anyone know why do they provide the installation kit for since it is web based ?

it’s helpful to have the download version. I use online most of the time, but historically, the week before the test the schweser site tends to get overloaded.

so the download version does not require me to have online access during the heavy usage days from other users ?