Is anybody having second thoughts about purchasing Q-Bank this year? I purchased the Schweser package last year, but I really didn’t think the Q-Bank was worth it–maybe it’s because I failed L2. My strategy changed this year (since I failed), to focusing more on CFAI materials and the EOC questions and using the Schweser Notes as supplement. Just curious to know if anybody else is thinking about NOT getting Q-Bank this year?

I will be using it again this year but will be using it less. I thought it was helpful to nail down some topics, certainly not all of them.

I’m definately getting QBANK to use in the interim to reinfoce concepts but will be using CFAI EOC questions almost exclusively during my last few weeks of prep. I feel (havent sat for L2 yet) that QBANK is great for keeping info you read a few months ago somewhat fresh. I did a 120 question quiz every sunday and felt that it helped me towards prep time, because it let me know what i needed to focus on and what i didnt need to. No point in wasting valuable study time on concepts you know cold, and i think that QBizank helps identify those concepts.

I had my doubts too but I purchased the Q-Bank anyway. I figured it would be a good tool to have during those lunch hours or when I am feeling like Jell-o because there’s always room for Jell-o.

I am saving the “Advance” questions for later on. Right now I am just doing Medium and Easy questions at lunch break. Usually a 20Q for a few minutes. Just a soft review method. It is easy to do it at work as opposed to opening a book. If people only have time for EOCQ and exams, the QBank is probably not that great, but if you have some downtime at lunch, it could be a good tool.

Schweser Level 2 qbank ain’t up to the mark. There are other qbank providers out there. Try your luck!

QBank is useful as a spot checker to identify your weak sections. It’s not a substitute for actual practice tests.

How is Stalla’s Passmaster for Level 2?

i’m also interested to know whether Passmaster is better for L2 compared to Qbank…

I’ve tried Q-bank on L2 and its really not worth it. The questions are pretty terrible and they aren’t well related to the curriculum. I went with the Stalla notes last time and they were pretty good, though a little porous. Passmaster is supposed to be really good, but expect to pay for it.