Q Bank

Did anyone who just took the test use Q Bank? If so, would you recommend it as well as the CFAI practice tests?

You can search the forums, there will be some detailed answers to your questions. Should be able to find just about everything you’re wondering about the exam.

Doworkson: another example of individuals who don’t know how to do a simple search to find an “easy” answer…

Blackjack - I didn’t use Qbank and I still passed. However, I needed more time during my final review to remember everything. I’d recommend Qbank to help keep you familar with all the topics as you continue your studies.

The QBank is best used to “create” your own exam. Create an exam each weekend to include all the topics you have studied to date, so you don’t forget the first topic you studied months earlier…

I think blackjackds is brand new to the club… No worries.

I apologize for asking basic questions but I am new to the site and new to the exam. Thanks for the responses.

No worries blackjackds–I did the same thing my first couple of days! The thrill of the chase got the best of me… =)

I’d definitely recommend SOME sort of practice question database. I only used Q-bank, and I highly doubt I could do without it for level 2.

No kidding! im excited and scared at the same time while my brain is trying to catch up to all im reading. Ive never been physically tired from studying like this before. The series 7 and 66 were nothing compared to this. Its fun though

I thought the 7 was tough, BEFORE this! Now the 7, in hindsight, was pretty darn easy!!!

blackjackds , I used only Schweser study books and Q-bank and passed with less than 4 months of studying. if you can afford it, definitely get the Q-bank. After I read each SS I did all the questions for that topic in Q-bank. Really helps solidify your knowledge and see where you need more work. I also copied into Word those explanations & questions that seemed difficult for later review. good luck

This is a good question, since I’m reading my CFAi books for a second time and am ready to start taking some practice exams. I’m thinking of doing just Q-Bank and the CFAi practice tests.

Hi, I did use the Q bank. I did questions from the Q back after every reading/every few readings/book to review and cumulatively review. Some of the questions are easy and some are hard, but it was good for me to do some easy ones too to reinforce simple but important concepts. I also did a few $50 exams from CFAI the week before the exam. There were a few questions that were almost identical (e.g. one on ethics). Hope that helps. blackjackds Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Did anyone who just took the test use Q Bank? If > so, would you recommend it as well as the CFAI > practice tests?