Q bank

I have always studied from CFAI books for all three levels without any other supplemental materials like schweser. But I would like to try Schweser or some other Question banks this time around for L3 just to get some extra practice. Can I get some opinions as to which provider is good for Qbanks and practice questions? Thanks!

Actually Shweser QBank is not very good this year. About 25% of the questions (450 or so) are on ethics! what a scam.

mo34 NOOOOOOOOOO, i was about to start qbank this weekend :frowning:

Sorry man here’s the breakdown: Total questions: 2376 Ethics questions : 507 Out of the remaining questions, most are “easy level” questions just testing memorization of terms. It’s still good to do when you’re done with your real studying just to keep your brain going.

:-/ How many hard once? I bet 200 tops