Q for people who passed level II last year

Wonder if you use both Schweser and CFAI at the same time? Studying/Reading both seems to take a lot of time. Really appreciate the response!

Lots of people do this - You don’t study them all completely. You use two sources to understand a topic completely.

Nothing but Schweser Notes and I passsed comfortably. However, I highly recommend completing ALL CFAI practice questions. If you know Schweser Notes inside and out, you’ll pass.

Yea, if you know schweser inside out you’ll pass, as joemontana said. But Schweser is the shortcut, it’s good enough to pass the exam, but not good enough to give you better insights about the material. I decided to go with CFA curriculum for L3, and realized that it’s a different animal!

What I did at L1 and L2 (to different degrees, there’s too much to read all of both), was to do Stalla materials, and then go over the CFAI materials in selected sections. The CFAI sections I chose fell into two categories: 1) those sections I still felt a little shaky on, so I could get more in-depth coverage and hopefully understand better, and 2) those sections I found really interesting, so I could develop better depth in something I liked I find that - for me at least - it’s easier to do the notes first. This gets me the overview and the framework, and makes the longer readings in the CFAI go faster. However, others seem to like doing it the other way around, because it suits their learning style better.

use schweser for everything but PM and ethics. my $.02

Schweser Notes only

Secret Sauce only

I used both CFA and Schweser. Such combination was just great and helpful.

I used only schweser. Ethic was fine but pm … :frowning: