08CMV4-Q11 Meryl Mamet, CFA, manages an emerging markets fund which has generated annual returns of 30% for the past three years. Mamet distributes a marketing brochure which includes the following statement “My investment expertise has generated annual returns of 30% for the past three years and you can expect a similar rate of growth over the next two years.” Does Mamet violate any CFA Institute Standards? A. No. B. Yes, because the performance should be stated net of fees. C. Yes, because the returns must include terminated accounts. D. Yes, because the presentation makes assurances regarding investment performance. ------------------------------------------------------------------- mine is D by stating the client can expect 30%rate of growth over 2 years, Mamet violated standard I( C)mispresentation, which prohibits statements of assurances or guarantees regarding an invesment.

Is there a question attached with this…?

no explicit answer or explanation is given for these Qs. the answer and explanation are from myself, but not sure. want a 2nd opinion. thanks!

D where did you get these questions ?


D is definitely correct!


D , he can’t guarantee future performance.