Most accurate characterisation of the nature of abnormal returns relating to an anomaly and a source of unrealibility of an anomaly respecitvely are: -----------------------Nature of Abnormal return----------source of unreliaability of an anomoly ---------------------------Persistent----------------------------------------Behavioural Bias ---------------------------Persistent-----------------------------------------Suvivorship Bias --------------------------Momentary-------------------------------------------Behavioural Bias --------------------------Momentary-------------------------------------------survivorship Bias

Can someone please explain this?

I think its C

an anomaly is characterized by persistent abnormal return, which often is the result of survivorship bias… just the definition.

Thanks… was trying to find the definition… p.s. strangedays that’s what I put as the answer

and there are lots of anomalous returns resulting from behavior, I’d say is A

If the abnormal returns are persistent, doesn’t that make the returns normal?

just because you have the monday or the january anomaly each monday or each january is not making it normal return

ditto kant

So does anyone know the answer?

i also put C initially but the answer is B - from SS 13-15-d ‘The persistent realization of abnormal returns is referred to as an anomaly and survivorship bias is a source of unreliability of an anomaly’

i thought we went over this question and the answer is A… what is the final answer? Suvivorship Bias or behavioural bias…

i got it from CFAI feedback…

OT do they give you an answer and explanation to the q on the mock? (there are solutions to sample tests)