Q5 on morning Section

team_alex Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > <50 as well. > > But when I was doing that question I was > envisioning Brousarrd say “Give the CFA their > points and make sure to get yours”. > > Those were CFA points. That’s funny. The only thing I remember him saying is “If Cajun man can do it, so can you.”

I believe that I raised the issue back in June. However, I purposely did not bring my phone to work, so I can not check my results until this evening. Personal email sites are blocked by my employer. Although, given a quick review of the results thread, I would imagine that I scored below 50. Call me crazy, but I failed these test more times than I care to admit, so the pain of walking around all day knowing I failed is not worth the trade off of knowing I passed a couple of hours earlier. I guess CFAI did not take our notes into consideration. Congrats to all the passers!!!

50-70 passed. Yea this one was strange. I had to make assumptions, state them and answer accordingly

<50 and passed too. weird question. probably had lower weighting overall.

<50 and passed but can’t remember the question. To be honest, I thought the morning was a lottery anyway so am not totally surprised.