Q5 on morning Section

Did anyone actually pass that question? I know we can’t speak to it per se - so this really only applies to those of us with good enough memories to remember the exact details of that question (for for my $0.02, was pretty badly worded and ambiguous) I failed… I took a look on the results page and it looks like a very large chunk of us failed that question (like as in <50%)

<50 for me as well. Perhaps they threw it out but still reported the score?

I got >50 <70 for this one

<50 as well… forgot about it already.

<50 here. passed, but can’t wait to see what they were looking for on this one when they post the exam for 2012 review.

man, what’s up with that question. i looked at all the passing scores posted and only a handful got more than 50%. i have no idea what that question was about, but it must’ve been a tough one!

<50% as well but passed

<50 but passed. I have no idea what question this was (or any of them for that matter).

Yea I’m convinced that there was some normalization here… I want to see how they explain the question next year… I still can’t for the life of me understand how it was not ambiguous

I don’t remember the individual questions, but there were definitely some morning and afternoon questions that gave me trouble not because I didn’t understand the material, but because of the poor wording.

<50 on that. Can’t remember question. Fail.

<50 as well…but can’t remember any words of this question…(but remember I really struggled understanding what they wanted me to write…)

<50. I’ve also noticed that most got smoked on Q1 of the morning session. If i recall correctly, it was focused on behavioral finance and extremely ambiguous.

below 50 and I think did well on that question

<50 as well. But when I was doing that question I was envisioning Brousarrd say “Give the CFA their points and make sure to get yours”. Those were CFA points.

batgirl4ever, You got the highest score as far as I see. Congratulations! Can you remind us what the Q is about (generally)?

I can’t remember the wording of the question at all but I scored <50% on it. I do remember that many questions seemed to be worded very ambiguously and I struggled to figure out what they were trying to ask, this was probably one of them.

<50% on this question too, but I passed.

Refer to this thread for the details (there was a lot of discussion on this particular question) - its halfway down the first page before someone mentioned it http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?13,1276228 Basically the question gave you some macro economic factors that CHANGED but didn’t give you the DIRECTION of the change but asked you for the effect of that change on your RRTTLLU factors. So (and this is just an example b/c I can’t remember exactly how the question is anymore), but it would be like if overall market return CHANGED, does your risk tolerance go up or down or not be affected? which, of course (IMO) would be impossible to say unless if you tell me if market return was increasing, decreasing or not changing

<50% on this question. but passed