Qatar - Next Shadow War?

Tonight’s starting line up (drum roll) - que the chicago bulls 90s music

Theeeee visiting team. Starting center, Russia, Power forward, Turkey, Iran, shooting guard, TBD, and point guard, Qatar

And now, the homeeee teammmmm. Starting Center, USA, power forward, UN Allies, Saudi bahrain, UAE, and ISIS.

Real Talk: all this nonsense for a pipeline to europe. what are we doing there.

All I want to know is it pronounced Cutter or Cahtar? I always thought it was Cahtar, but when they got the World Cup everyone was saying Cutter. The other day when the Saudis, Bahrain, and UAE declared them terrorist-backers, Christiane Amanpour pronounced it Cahtar.

Cahtar is how I learned to pronounce it. I take it everyone is at the Comey movie. Come to the theater next door folks and see another Afghanistan movie, it’s shaping up to be an oscar winner.

I remember randomly watching Jeopardy one day and Alex Trebek pronounced it Cutter and I had no idea what he was talking about for a few seconds. Since then, I feel like I’ve heard more people say Cutter than Cahtar. I’m assuming the pronunciation of Qatar in arabic is more like Cutter than Cahtar.

its Gutter.

That’s how I was when they announced the World Cup. I was thinking where the hell is Cutter? Never heard of it. If it was some uncultured American saying Cahtar the other day on CNN, I would have shrugged it off, but Christiane Amanpour is British and Iranian. Maybe there is no correct way. Maybe it’s like Missoureee and Missouraah.

On a side note. Why is Christiane Amanpour considered attractive? I don’t see it. Is it the accent and her projection of worldliness?

I find this whole situation to be pretty worrying. Mainly because I have a sh!tload of Qatar Airways points.

It’s closer to Cutter with the inflection the 1st syllable.

I think the Arabs say something like Cutter, but f* that, we should take back “Kah Tar”. The movement starts now.

While the obnoxious American in me wants to agree, I think we should move to a world where countries only have one name, not several based on your own native language. For example, why can’t we all just say Deutschland instead of English speakers saying Germany and Spanish speakers saying Alemania? Why can we all just say England instead of Spanish Speakers saying Inglaterra and Frech speakers saying Angleterre? I get it that Inglaterra and Angleterra are the literal translations of England, but aren’t we evolved enough to just say England or Deutschland or Espana? I mean we go to the trouble of learning how to pronounce the names of hot gymnasts and tennis players from Россия, so why can’t we learn to say ross-SEE-ya?

^ I totally agree. People in the UK who still say Bombay, Madras, Rangoon etc also should stop.

Its Cutter. I’ve been on their airline and also stopped in the Doha airport. They all say Cutter.

Yes this is it and why some people say Cahtar. They are not natives.

So up to you.

Thanks. If it’s Cutter to them, then it’s Cutter to me.

I think places like Myanmar should sell their naming rights to entities in rich countries. I’m sure the publicity from Walmart-Burma, a Berkshire Affiliate would help tourism bigly.

Thankfully never met a brit who says bombay. Oth bengaluru is still bangalore for everyone so a brit calling it bengaluru would just be wtf!

It’s cutter just like Muslim is Muslim not moslem. I don’t know if the natural phlgem in Yankee throats or that nasal accent but it does my head in. MUSLIM.

I was watching Rick Stein in India (British celeb chef/national treasure) and he kept saying Madras and then awkwardly trying to justify it as he’s always said it that way. I’m sure people there probably wouldn’t give a shit. I once heard someone ask a guy from Zimbabwe if he was from Rhodesia, that was a f ucking laugh.

Myanmar isn’t that cut and dry, some people there still call it Burma themselves.

Can’t recall ever hearing someone say moslem. Muzlim, sure, but not moslem.