QBank: 120 Hard or 360 Easy/Medium?

Trying to decide which is of more benefit. I had originally intended to be doing only hard questions at this stage but I’m thinking you pick up patch up more little weaknesses from doing a larger amount of easier questions. Opinions?

do them all but go for the hard ones first

it makes no difference sorry to burst your bubble.

I meant per day…

I’m doing about 60 per day. I’ll do about 1000 before test day. But I’m not sure it’s that valuable.

I think it is valuable to retain concepts. However, at some point you will need to do EOC Q’s and CFA mocks to get the wording/difficulty down.

how can you selectively pick out “hard” ones? please tell me!

In Schweser QBank when creating a new exam in the Test Management section you can select Advanced Questions only under the Limit Question Pool heading.