QBank 6/3

I got a 75% on a 120 question exam w/o Ethics. I typically score 90s in ethics so I left it off. This is a total confidence booster. I even singled out the readings I did poorly in so I can review that this evening. Free Sample Exam 55% Sample 2 - 68% Mock 2 - 67% Book 6 Scores - 55%, 67%, 67% I finally feel ok! How about everyone else?

Good job. Keep moving ahead. We still have Wed, Thu, and Fri left.

Excellent job KJH!! Just don’t try anything drastically new these three days, stick to your ordinary schedule and I’m sure you can easily cut it on the 8th!

Thanks guys. If I pass I’ll attribute at least 70% of it to this board pushing me to keep going, answering my dumb questions, explaining exam details, etc.

Just keep brushing up the main points so they stay fresh in your head. This forum does a good job of that by posting questions from all topic areas. Don’t over push yourself the last couple of days so you will be more relaxed on test day. I honestly don’t think that cramming on the last couple of days will help, if anything it may hurt because your mind is soo full of information as it is. Most of the information you don’t know by now is going to be difficult to master by Saturday. If you have the Q bank, taking questions to keep things fresh in your head is a good idea, along with it helping you getting prepard to reading these questions. Sometimes the wording of the question is harder than the question itself.

How representative is the CFAI Sample exams?

Sample was 60 questions and alot were pretty easy to me. The mock seemed the same way. So if it is representative, the real CFA will be difficult, but very fair with how questions are presented.

I thought the same way… The sample questions were way easy compared to Schweser practice exams.

73% Qbank