QBANK and exam papers

Hi all Just wanna know whether the schweser Question bank comes with essential package…


hey KJH jsut wondering if you can help me regarding the books i should buy. What do u think regarding the schweser essential package. Will that be enough to prepare and say if i take the CFAI exams which will be available online which costs around 50 bucks…is all enough or do u think It wil be better if I study from the CFAI materials.

Understand that everyone learns differently. Personally I am using mostly Schweser since time is tight and those CFAI texts are very long. The LOS are captured concisely in Schweser so the extra fluff is cut out. Some of that fluff helps one comprehend the material better. It is a trade off you will have to decide for yourself. I purchased the essential package primarily for the Qbank. That is very helpful with reviewing after each section. One can evaluate where extra practice is needed. Once the CFAI tests are available, I plan on taking several if not all of them. Sure it costs money, but realistically it is marginal in comparison to the expected rise in salary.

failed in dec 07 using CFA material only. however, i wouldnt just blame on the CFA books. bear in mind that if you choose the curriculum as only source, you will need to put more time as those texts are very long. i regret i didnt buy ( i already did) the qbank from schweser… QBANK or practice questions in general are really A KEY TO SUCCEED in this exam.

this is my first time taking level 1 so i bought the audio CDs (not really helpful), video CDs(i find these help me when im moving too slow), flashcards (do your own are more helpful then the ones already written - they have too much information on 1 card), and everything else in the premium package (books, wkd session, online qbank, practice exams, etc.) my company’s paying for all of this so i didnt want to be too cheap and fail that’s more embarassing. I am however def. buying the practice exams from the CFAi that everyone mentioned were helpful when they come out.