QBank as a supplement for downtime at work. Smart or not?


On my free time and weekends I study the EOC (been through them twice) and Mocks (starting next weekend). I am only considering QBank as a supplement. I spend about 10 hours at work per day, and I estimate around 1-2 hours on average per day I end up having 10-30min periods with down time between meetings or calls. However I work in an open office landscape, so it is hard to zone out and dig into vignette questions etc. I am considering purchasing a QBANK from Schweser or Wiley to get some extra reps in during these down periods. What do you think? Is it likely to add any value and increase my chances of passing?

Personally I think that making/reviewing flash cards would be a better use of time.

Relative to doing nothing at all, (as a candidate who has never sat for Level II before) I can’t see how it would hurt.

I don’t study at work and the whole open plan office thing makes it hard for me to concentrate on anything too, but if you’ve not tried yet, how about attempting the Topic Tests in your downtime and see how that goes? Maybe you find it too hard to focus with all the noise around you, but maybe it is fine and you can get on with them.

Worth a try if you’ve not yet paid for the QBank.

I would say it’s worth it if you don’t mind spending the money. I do the same thing right now because I can’t focus on doing intense vignette style problems. I also don’t think it’s worth reading over the material from the books if you have down time either.

I think the Q-bank is a great way to keep fresh on all of the topics. This is true especially at work for me.

Versus doing nothing with the extra time, I think Qbank is good for light review. Although I think reviewing mocks/eoc’s would be more useful. Maybe work through the less calculation-intensive q’s and save the more time/brain-consuming questions for later.

Thanks for the input guys, Ive chosen to review EOCs instead.