Qbank - Can it be faulty???

One faulty approach to using Qbank is to use Test Management and leave the “Limit Pool Question” setting in Advanced/Intermediate/Basic. Qbank is highly weighted in Basic questions. For instance, at level 1 Study Session 15 there are 284 questions available, Schweser doesn’t tell you how many questions out of those 284 questions are Advanced/Intermediate/Basic. Here is the breakdown…there are 216 Basic Questions (76%), 48 Intermediate Questions (17%), 20 Advanced Questions (7%). So, I believe if you’re setting any exams in Qbank per Test Management and leave the default setting at Advanced/Intermediate/Basic you are NOT going to effectively prepare yourself for the exam(potentially overweighted in basic questions), especially if you do not go through all 4000 plus questions. I believe there are solutions to this problem with some creative thinking. That’s why I started this thread. If you creatively customize this application I believe its a great tool. From a customization standpoint I believe it blows away Stalla’s Passmaster. I’ve used both. Warren

you are a geek

^ I second that.

I agree with you WarrenB1. I always go for only intermediate and advanced questions. I do not waste time on doing basic questions.

I_HeartAccounting Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > you are a geek If doing meticulous research makes me guilty of being a geek (especially in this environment) you must be in the wrong business. Warren

Mitchells, Thanks for your feedback!!! Warren