Qbank CFA Weighted

This is irritating me. Im supposed to be taking a “CFA Weighted” exam, but I’m on q 22 and so far of 60 they have all been alt investments. Annoying. Anyone know how to get a good balanced practice out of this? I just want it to be like the CFA exam, a smattering of all the material roughly heavier weighted toward equity, FSA, ethics, with the rest a little lighter weighted.

If you have already done a substantial amount of questions in the other areas, you will get a screen before you get the test that says that there are not enough questions in the X sections. Did you get that screen? It will ask you to change the criteria or just proceed with the exam. Also, selecting “previously answered questions” correct/incorrect, should help.

What is the difficulty level of Qbank compared to the actual exam? I am scoring in the low 80s but am yet to take the mock.

Last year: Q Bank (~1000 questions) I had an average score of 74% Schweser Practice Exam (took 3) I had an average score of 65% Level II I was band 9 fail. This year: Q Bank (~1400 questions) I have an average score of 81% Took Schweser Practice Exam #1 Saturday and scored a 80%

I’m hoping its similar. I failed last year, but was just barely reaching 70’s - this year I’m late 70’s early to mid 80’s. Many of the questions I miss are because they are oddly worded or vague. It would seem to me, that if we are getting 80% right, over a large series of questions, it should represent that we know roughly that percentage of the material. Ive done probably 1400+ Qbanks and probably almost all of the EOC’s by now. I’m saving the ethics EOC’s till right at the end. Last year the actual Ethics exam questions seemed to be similar to the EOC’s and I want them to be fresh. I can tell you this. at 80% question knowledge in practice, I feel liek I am far better prepared than last year and I fell like I kind of know the material now. Very little guessing. That’s a wordy answer for I hope like hell late 70’s early 80’s is good. I’m certainly not stopping practice and counting my chickens though.