QBANK compared to Exam

How did the questions of schweser Qbank compare to the Exam questions, more math, more specific, etc… Thank

Q bank too easy as compared to exam. Q in Q bank are more straightforward and not that conceptual.

Q-Bank questions were more computational, whereas the exam was way more conceptual.

i agree, but the only way to understand the concepts thoroughly is by doing the calculations. i think the qbank did a good job. when they ask how a ratio is affected by an increase/decrease in some variable, the best way to know is by having working knowledge of the equation.

Agree! And the Q-Bank was pretty good about explaining the solution after giving the answer…

What about ethics? How does Q-bank compare to the exam?

Don’t treat qbank as test questions. They reinforce concepts. That’s it. Some Qbank questions are way too easy while others take way too long to compute. Don’t use it to gauge how the test is like. Use it to practice concepts. my 2 cents.

I think that the Q bank is very subjective for this reason: my friend wrote the exam in Dec and failed, after the exam about a week ago I asked her what she felt were the differences between the exam in Dec and June. She said that the June exam was very conceptual compared to Dec. I guess Schweser complies there Q bank based on the most recent exam, which is why this time around is was computational and not conceptual. Just my opinion

I think Qbank helps you understand the concepts pretty well. Ethics is sometimes off. But, there are certain areas they didn’t cover up really well, Working capital management. I remember getting 40% on corporate finance on one of the mocks !!

what i used to do is after i complete the SS i used to take a 120 q exam on it from QBank … and after readin it again take another exam and review the mistakes… and makes notes not to forget them … and i really find it useful in pointing the weak areas or the ones in slacked studying… QBank is good and if i pass I will buy one for level 2 as well

i agree that qbank is very easy compared to the exam and mocks. but i’d still recommend it as a tool to retain the information.

how bout qbanks between schweser and stalla?

I was limited on time any my only preparation was Qbank beginning the week before. I felt the exam was more difficult than I expected from the Qbank questions, in particular the second half, but they were quite comparable for the majority of the questions. I only did about 20-25% of the 4000 Qbank questions, so I can’t comment on the entire breadth of Schweser Qbank coverage. I was getting about 85% on comprehensive Qbank practice exams, but I really have no idea if I passed or not. I think it will be a photo finish, but sometimes after tests like these you are pleasantly or very unpleasantly surprised. The Qbank certainly seemed like the most efficient preparation when compared to reading CFA materials or going through the Schewer books, but it left open some significant holes.