QBank Difficulty Question

Should I only be focusing my time on the hard QBank questions or should I spend time working on the Medium QBank questions as well? Where in the “Qbank difficulty range” would you say the average CFA question is? Thank you for your help!

I would do all questions Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. You’ll find that’s the format on the exam. If you haven’t take the level 1 exam and are well prepared on exam day, I think you’ll some of the exam questions will be fairly easy (so don’t give up going over basic level questions) especially the morning session, the afternoon session is typically much harder than the morning session. If you have the Schweser Practice Exams Vol 1 and 2, Schweser’s format of the exam is exactly like the CFAI format. Suggest breaking it up this way: 50% Basic, Intermediate and Advanced 30% Intermediate and Advanced 20% Advanced Take a 120 question exam, instead break it up into three exams. 60 Questions - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced 36 Questions - Intermediate and Advanced 24 Questions - Advanced WarrenB1

Thanks Warren. I’ll keep your advise in mind.