QBank: Easy v Hard

Which would be a better use of time each day of the run in: 400 Easy/Medium Questions or 120 Hard questions?

I was aiming to do a QBank exam everyday, until I got to the last week. I would then do the samples and mock (save the better stuff for last you know). I ended up doing the sample today… Absolutely brutal, I got 58% on the first sample. I was averaging about 80 on the QBank. I would recommend you try the sample if you haven’t. There are questions that the QBank just won’t ask you. I don’t remember seeing questions on valuing swaps on the QBank, which is pretty tough if you haven’t seen it in a while.

I’m wondering the same thing myself. I’ve been working through 300-400 Qbank questions a day trying to enforce concepts and figuring our my weakspots, hopefully there is some merit to this. So far I’ve been averaging 70% on all 3 Schweser mock exams and looking to take the CFAI sample and mock this weekend. From what has been posted on the board, it seems like the sample is going to be killer.

I suppose a logical thing to do would be to do a half a CFAI sample/mock or Schweser Sample exam in the am and 200 easy/medium Q Bank questions in the pm. I do feel there is merit to doing large blocks of the easier questions as it reinforces the basics.

I started doing a lot of Qbank (Hard) questions, and i found them to be a waste of time. Many of the questions were jokes, and the questions had nothing to do with the vignettes. I have done about 1000 Qbank and the value added was minimal i think… I have been focusing on random EOC and going over weak areas.