QBank: Finquiz vs Kaplan

Hi all,

i know there are many posts on Kaplan vs finquiz but I have not seen any that specifically looks at the question bank.

I know many dont promote any question bank at level 2 but if you were to get one please could you comment on what’s better Fin quiz or Kaplan. Please note I am specifically talking about the qbank and not the item set ques from fin quiz.


Do not use any QBANK for level 2.

Hi Lxwarr30,

Thanks for the response - I have heard that before but i dont feel there is enough ques out there to really make sure that I have drilled into each of the LOSs and gained a full understanding of the text.

I thought that the QBank qould provide this function and allow me to test particular details of a reading?



I took level two twice. The first I used the QBank, the second time I passed. I am definitely biased, but the questions in the QBank are very narrow and don’t necessarily even make the exam. The mock exams bring a large diversity of questions and train you to study in the vignette format. There are a number of them. I believe I did 6 mock exams this year (including the official CFA one). It took me a few weeks taking one full session a day. At the same time you should keep reviewing your notes. I hope this helps.

i had qbank for level2 but i didn’t use them much, mostly because i was overwhelmed by the amount of materials and questions already provided in the books and the questions in qbank aren’t particularly well constructed.

i did them but i don’t think they are essential.