QBank - How to view past tests

I just did a SS Review Test from the “View Curriculum” section. At a later date, how can I go back & view this test, with my answers already recorded. I’m scared to close it & I’ll lose all my answers, like with what happens with LOS tests sometimes. I know I’ve stumbled upon it before… where you can view all the tests you’ve taken. And by tests I don’t mean under the “Test Management” area… I mean the mini-test review that comes after every LOS (the “take online quiz” at the bottom of each LOS). Please help, thanks!

I think its ‘Exam review’ you are looking for. It shows the LOS tests if i am not mistaken. How are you scoring in them by the way?

Thanks Sam, you’re right, it’s under Exam Review… and from there I can access all the past LOS quizzes too. The first SS quiz I did was for Quant SS2 and I got 70%. I’ve only done a few so far… Quant (SS2) & Econ (SS3, 4, 5)… I’m still doing my review… haven’t done any sample exams yet… and I won’t have time to until end of Nov! Omg…

Keep your head on. Dont stress. Just keep knocking at the door and hope sum1 will open it. Thats what i am doing. All the best