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An unpaid intern at an investment firm has the task of photocopying unannounced investment recommendations after all regular employees have left for the day. With respect to Standard VI(B), Priority of Transactions, the firm: A) is probably violating the Standard. B) is acting appropriately by having an unpaid intern do the job. C) is acting appropriately by having the intern perform the task after all employees have left. D) cannot be in violation because Standard VI(B) does not address this issue. Help guys…

off top of my head i wanna say D. doesnt p.o.trans. have to do with client before emploer before yourself? i know one of the standards list the different recommend procedures for controlling the security of their recommendations but i cant remember if its in this standard or not. i would guess D and maybe i would be wrong

just looked it up. yeah man priority of transac does include keeping information limited. it does include that list i was thinking of. they shouldnt have had the intern doing this. so A must be the answer right?

I would say D. I’ve interned at a bank where we saw results before they were released to the public. It didn’t seem to be a problem as we were part of the firm. I don’t think paid or unpaid has anything to do with it. Most firms have their interns sign confidentiality agreements so I think the firm is fine.

D is my choice. The intern still has to abide by the company standards. Just because hes not being paid doesnt mean he doesnt have to follow the rules.


A. Responsibility of supervisors.

Answer is A…

I haven’t bought QBank yet but I am wondering: does QBank give an explanation of why the answer is A? In general, does QBank have explanations for any of its problems?