Qbank item set and CFAI text questions

Hi all, I tried to do some of the item set like questions from Qbank. They seems incredibly long. Are they representative of the real exams. The end of chapter CFAI questions are quite clear and seems to test you well- are these one representative of the real exam? I am not sure is it a good idea to spend time on Schweser q bank item set. I will be keen to know your thoughts. Best S

I don’t know about level II, but from my experience with level I last summer, I’d say Q-Bank/Schweser practice tests require much more calculations and time than the real tests. I don’t think anyone really knows what this year’s questions will be like since they changed to 3 option questions, so definitely buy the mocks when they come out! I really like the Q-Bank tests… just make sure you check the option to have the answer displayed after each question so you can get an explanation when the question is fresh in your head

I am trying to do FSA and it seems that they have questions from the previous years that are not in the text. S

I’m doing FSA Q-Bank too (SS 5 & 6)… haven’t noticed anything wrong yet, what type of questions are you seeing from previous years?

Look for updates to your Schweser QBank.