Qbank online access

Hi, I want to purchase Schweser Qbank with online access, and have two questions for those who have already purchased it. Can I pay with a debit card or only with a credit card? Also, why do I need to give them my home address when I’m interested for the online access? I sent an e-mail to Schweser customer service two weeks ago, but haven’t received any reply from them since. Much appreciate any replies! Cheers, Milos

I suggest you call them. They will answer these questions. You won’t have to wait too long on the phone (5 min).

The address is to cross check and apply the charges against your credit card / debit card. That is usually asked for whenever you buy something online too!! CP

Thanks! But they asked for my address even before I wanted to enter my card information and confirm order. I just don’t want to receive any promo material from them in the future, especially on my home address where I actually don’t live anymore… I suppose I’ll call them tomorrow! Thanks for the tip topher! :slight_smile: Milos

could they be asking for a billing address to cross check it with your credit card?