qbank or mock exams

What is the better source/use of questions? the qbank or mock exams? I have Schweser, Elan, Boston AS, and CFAI to draw from for mock exams.

Mock, no question about it. If you’re really weak in some area, start with the qbank though.

CFAI mocks by far the best and most relevant, IMO. I took the CFAI mocks and they really test your understanding of the material and concepts. I skimmed the schweser practice exaM and gave up. If the cfai mock is close to the real then I say focus just on that and EOC questions and readings

thanks - it seems like i’m on the right path then. why did you give up on the schweser mock njlevel?

Stick to the mock exams now.

beatthecfa - i’m going to take your advice: do you have recommendations on which mocks are the best (in order of preference please)?

Ive been taking Qbank exams frequently. I score well on them, and thats with only the advanced and intermediate questions checked off. I took one CFAI sample exam and the the morning session of the mock, and they are totally different from Qbank. Much more difficult. I say stick to CFAI mock exams.

QBank is good for practice while your studying the material for the first time. Questions on the CFAI mock exams are very different.

how about the computer mock tests… the ones where we get 2? I

gartsy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > thanks - it seems like i’m on the right path > then. > > why did you give up on the schweser mock njlevel? I gave up after the QUANT questions on Schweser (i really didnt nail down hyp testing yet) but after going through the rest of questions on one the exams in Volume 1, I would agree it’s good practice. But I think the CFAI mock, again if representative of the real exam, I would put more weight on the mock. The quant section on the mock was pretty intense but those are the area i had down before looking at schweser. Did you start the mocks?

IN MY HUMBLE OPIONION: I like the Elan Guides practice tests. I really like all their stuff really. But here’s a few things about their exams: 1. Their Ethics questions are very easy 2. Their FI questions are very hard. 3. Their Econ, FRA and Quant questions are relatively hard. They themselves say that their tests are harder than the average CFA exam. In my opinion its good to do them. You will learn a lot of things from their questions, and you will make quite a few careless mistakes as well. All in all, it should be a good learning exercise. Make sure you go through the errata file as well. I have always heard good things about the BSAS tests, but this year I read that they are quite easy. Schweser’s tests concentrate too much on calulations and formulas. Schweser Vol 2, as numerous previous L1’ers have commented, is a waste of time.

wow…a lot of other posts this weekend, I almost couldn’t find this one… thanks for your insight beathecfa and everybody else. njlevel - I’ve now done the first two 120x mocks by Elan. I would have to agree w/ beathecfa, their ethics questions were very easy. I’ve scored very well w/ Elan so far (better than Schweser), but I think that I can attribute that to doing Schweser first, which identified my weak areas. My gains in Elan have been in those previously weaker areas, plus the MUCH easier ethics questions. since Elan is not good for ethics, does anybody have any recommendations on what is considered the best source for ethics questions other than the CFAI text?

I posted this same question in another thread but I’ll just ask again… Wouldn’t doing Qbank for the ethics section help though?