Qbank practice-How we doin?

How’s everyone doing that is using Qbank? I just completed my first 120Q practice exam on all topics, easy/med/hard and scored a 78%. I know I caught a few lucky ones in there and can definitely see some areas of weakness. Curious how others are doing and if people are seeing improvements as they continue to do them.

Well I just went from a 78 to a 73 to a 67…I think that means I should call it a night…maybe i am best out of the gates, just gotta make sure I dont do any problems before the exam then…frick me

73% on Ethics today. I didn’t realize how many questions there were on this thing. These next four weeks will be hell.

Nice Work TV

Averaging 81% on the qbank. Scoring roughly high 80’s low 90’s on ethics at this point.

averaging mid to high 70’s approaching 2000 total questions in QBank over 80 in quant. over 70 in all others I get my but kicked on the ethics in Book 6 (low 60’s) compared to QBank (high 70’s and low 80’s). Anyone else have similar results in ethics?

Shabadoo, I tried the Ethics part in one of the exams in Book 6, and I got in the 60s as well. I think they are very tricky…at least there. Interesting, I thought it was just me. On the actual exam in Dec I scored above 70% and knew I did. I thought the Ethics questions on the exam were pretty straight forward.

Doing partial tests is not really indicative. Try all sections for a better “exam” like experience. Your brain has to jump from ethics, to stats, to econ, to FSA, to portfolio management, to derivatives, to whatever in the test come June. And when specific study sessions are below the 70%, go back to that specific section and repeat. The theory, then practice on problems, then go back to progress tests or simulated exams. That’s how I’m doing. I use Stalla (a bit easier than Schweser) and I’m in the mid 80.

I took a 100 question test with CFA weights and excluded beginner questions. Scored 75%, and was clueless on many topics. Another thing I found is doing some of the calculator questions takes forever. Computing stdev takes forever.

I am scoring precisely 59-62% in almost all the tests that I’m taking… Only good part is that earlier I used to include easy/med/diff, but now I am only including difficult questions and managing the same score. Will now try to include easy questions and see if the score rises. A good thing that happened was that I’m now fairing better on FSA, which worried me a lot.