Qbank - Printing Tests

When you create a qbank test, it pulls questions from your test bank. Those questions will only show as completed when you’ve entered the answers for those questions. I usually use the “Create Printable Test” option. Is it possible to create multiple tests at one time using that “Create Printable Test” option but with no overlapping questions? Ideally I would like to print out a few at a time, but I believe if you don’t actually enter your answers, they are still a part of the available bank of quesitons and you may get some of the same questions.

that is true, you could end up getting overlapping questions. The software does not know that a question has been correctly answered - and hence would give you the question back.

u have to answer the questions or else it gets recycled back into the test bank. i just create printable test and randomly click answers. then create another printable test and randomly click answers.