qbank progress

so i have taken about 2000 questions on the q bank so far and am averaging 77% is this good enough to start feeling comfortable for the exam? or should I expect the exam to be much harder than the questions on q bank?

Have you taken the free sample exam available on the CFA site? This would obviously show you the level of question to expect on the exam.

my opinion is if you can avg 80% or better on all Q-Bank or any other “practice” exam. You should be fine. I emphasize should. I was scoring right around 70% before, which I attribute some of that to guessing correctly lol, and I failed. Keep it up. Plenty of time. 2 months! Study hard!!!

I was failing all QBANK exams with a 60% the week before the test and averaged a 54% on the CFA Mock exam the week before the exam…and I failed Band 10. Now I’m scoring 70+ on all QBANK exams i set up so I should be able to pass this time.